We Bring the Dead Sea Experience to You


The SpaExcLusea-V company was established in 2006 and has been employing

trained engineers. 


The company provides a Dead Sea experience: floating, health and relaxation 

anywhere in the world through unique exclusive facilities. 


Our company’s engineers have vast experience in the development and 

maintenance of mechanic systems in extreme environment conditions. 


We believe that the Dead Sea is part of an approach viewing wellness as a way of 

life affecting the quality of our lives and health. 


A bath with real Dead Sea water. 


An innovative closed green system free of sewage and chemicals along with 

protecting the environment. 


A 24/7 profitable system for the client’s benefit. 

Our company’s engineers escort the client at the stages of design, installation, 

operation and maintenance of the system. 


We bring the Original Dead Sea Water, the Original Dead Sea Air and the Original 

Sun-Ray Dead Sea Spectrum.


Our motto is: 


We Bring the Dead Sea Experience to You   

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