We Bring the Dead Sea Experience to You


The Dead Sea Black-Mud helps for the verity of Dead Sea Minerals to penetrate into the skin, helps to exfoliate the dead cells and rejuvenate by new cells while keeping the skin flexibility. 


Dead Sea Black-Mud Dressing are known for nourish the skin and ease the pain in the joints and its area.

Dead Sea Spa Package gives the floating and treatment by the Dead Sea Black-Mud with three different Mud:

The Regular Black-Mud: BM-Abj.


The Regular Black-Mud with rich Dead Sea Minerals: BM-Bhr.


The Volcano White-Mud: MYR-Wg.


BM-Bhr contain the whole minerals as in the Dead Sea Water + specially nature original minerals in the Mud.


MYR-Wg contain verity of Micro-organism with minerals and anti-bacteria and anti-septic and nourish the skin while gives looking of silk and glossy as using cream. 




Dead Sea Black-Mud